Receiver Drier


Receiver Drier - GC-106B. Receiver Drier

for Ford Galaxy/Seat Alhambra/Volkwagen Sharan


for Ford Galaxy/Seat Alhambra/Volkwagen Sharan

Car Company

  • VolksWagen

OE No.1

7M3 820 411A /V.W:7M3 898 191

OE No.2

Ford:1 151 378/1M21 2B912 AA


The purpose of the drier is to remove the dirt as well as moisture from the refrigerant, and to separate gas and liquid.
The receiver drier is used in the high pressure liquid line, between the condenser outlet and the expansion valve inlet.

  1. Absorb and hold moisture
  2. Remove particles or debris
  3. Also acts as a reservoir for compressor oil and refrigerant
Receiver Drier.

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