Cabin Filter


Cabin Filter - GC-6801A. Cabin Filter

Automotive cabin air filters

Cabin Filter-for Alfa Romeo 147 01'>, 156 02'>, GT 03'> (Active Carbon)(2pcs/box)


Cabin Filter - For Alfa Romeo 147 00'->/Alfa Romeo 156(+Sportwagon) 02'->/Alfa Romeo GT 04'-> (2pcs/box) (Active Carbon)OEM:467 996 53

Cabin air filter types

  • Activated Carbon cabin filter
    wit377-Layer Design which have max performance & durability, Capturing larger contaminants and particles as well as removing smells.
  • Particle cabin filter
    non-woven fabric to he뇀१


  • Active carbon

Car Company

  • Alfa

OE No.1

467 996 53


  1. Large dust holding capacity. 
  2. Help maintain peak operating efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems.
  3. High airflow and low cost.
  4. Reduce pollen,mold, pet hair in your car.


Cabin air filter is located in the vehicle fan air intake for the vehicle's passenger compartment.
It helps Keep dirt, dust and junk from entering your air-conditioner, making the interior of the car a healthier place.
Regularly replacing your cabin air filter  will ensure that your heating and air conditioning system has maximum air flow while keeping the nasty stuff out of your cabin.
Cabin air filters are fairly easy for the car owner to replace, and come in many different sizes, based on the vehicle make and model.

Automotive cabin air filters.

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